When he first came from nowhere, or was that Pittsburgh, Jose Bautista appeared as the greatest one-year wonder in baseball history.

But then came a second year, and now a third and sometimes it seems in sports starved Toronto we don't completely appreciate or revel in the magnificence of Bautista.

June ended with Bautista hitting 14 home runs for the month. There are only three American League players in history to have a more powerful June. Two of their names: Babe Ruth and Roger Maris.

Maris hit 15 in his record breaking 1961 season. Ruth did it in 1930, in one of the 12 seasons in which he led the AL in home runs. Bautista, this past month, was knocking on their doors.

In a Blue Jays season so filled with injury and disappointment and yet still not out of wild card contention, Bautista has both led and carried the Jays through this difficult time — and not just with his power. But in the power game, over the past two and a half seasons, at a time when home runs numbers are down all over baseball, Bautista has hit 123 homers.

The most any Blue Jay has hit in a complete three-year period is 124 and that was Carlos Delgado. The best three straight seasons of George Bell ended with 106 home runs and the best of Jesse Barfield, 95.