New Orleans Saints running back Khiry Robinson opened up about a troubled past that included multiple cases of criminal activity, family tragedy and a brief period of homelessness in a revealing story published by The Advocate.

Robinson's backstory was mostly unknown publicly, except for the fact that he took an unlikely path through three small colleges in Minnesota and Texas to the NFL. But the second-year pro opened up for the first time about what led him astray.

Robinson said the incident that "really turned my life upside down" occurred when he was 17 years old and he "took the rap" after a shot from a BB gun hit an 11-year-old boy in the head and injured him inside his home.

Although Robinson insisted he wasn't there when the shot occurred, he said he had been shooting air guns at various buildings with a group of people the night before. And he accepted two years of probation after being indicted by a grand jury on a felony charge of reckless bodily injury to a child.

After that, any interest Robinson had from nearby major colleges like Baylor and Texas Tech went away.

But that was hardly the only major setback in Robinson's life. As a young child, his father was in and out of prison. And at one point, Robinson and his mother, brother and two sisters were living out of their car and in a homeless shelter.

At age 10, Robinson's mother was stabbed six times and nearly killed by a man she had been dating. At age 11, when he said he was trying to earn money to help the family move away, Robinson was busted for selling marijuana to his schoolmates and had to undergo a "Scared Straight" type of probation program. But it didn't take.

In high school, Robinson fought with kids and even a substitute teacher and attended an alternative school for a while before the incident with the BB gun. At one of his junior college stops in Blinn, Texas, he said he again sold drugs and was shot at on two separate occasions.