The Red Sox’s free-agent list provides a kind of one-stop shopping for many teams in the majors including the two in New York.

You could imagine for example Jacoby Ellsbury Mike Napoli Stephen Drew and Joel Hanrahan interesting the Mets. And Napoli Drew Hanrahan and Jarrod Saltalamacchia enticing the Yankees.

But one key issue is which of these players will receive the tender which I reported Friday is going to be $14.1 million. Boston certainly will tender Ellsbury who could be looking at the second-largest deal in the upcoming market behind Robinson Cano and not Hanrahan who appeared in just nine games before needing Tommy John surgery and might not be ready to begin next year on time.

Four top executives — two from the NL and two from the AL — all agreed Ellsbury would be tendered. The two AL officials also anticipate Napoli being tendered but cautioned a chronic hip condition (which led to Boston lowering its initial deal to him last offseason from three years at $39 million to an incentive-heavy one-year $5 million pact) could impact the decision. One of the NL executives forecasted Boston giving Saltalamacchia the tender because catching is in such short supply. The other NL executive predicted the Red Sox would tender all four of their top free agents — which I anticipate as well.

“It is a huge big-market advantage” the executive said. “It is why the New York Yankees will offer Granderson [the tender]. Even if you think a guy will be worth $9 million-10 million you get a one-year deal or a pick.”

Ellsbury will reject the tender because he surely will be offered more than $14.1 million annually on a multi-year deal and he is a good enough player that a team will not fret much about losing a draft pick.