Those close to Paul Pierce believe he will not return to the Boston Celtics next season, according to CSNNE sideline reporter Greg Dickerson – and Pierce might think his days in green are done, as well.

"I don't think they will (bring Pierce back)," Dickerson said Sunday on CSNNE. "And I know that the company that Paul Pierce hangs around in, they do not believe – and I don't think Paul Pierce believes – that he is going to be brought back next year at $15 million. I know for a fact that people around Paul Pierce have pretty much resigned themselves to the fact that he's played his final game in a Boston Celtics uniform. Again, Paul wants to stay – obviously for $15 million, but he wants to finish his career in a Celtics uniform."

The lone year remaining on Pierce's contract can be bought out for $5 million. Asked whether he believes the Celtics will trade Pierce or buy him out, Dickerson said: "One way or the other. Probably a buyout. More than likely a buyout."

If Pierce does not return, Kevin Garnett has indicated he won't want to either.

"If Paul's gone, I think without a doubt Kevin Garnett is gone – either by retirement or he finally decides to waive his no-trade clause, and the Celtics maybe work something out with a (Los Angeles Clippers) team," said Dickerson. "But the list is real short; the teams that Kevin Garnett would go to, there might be two of them on it, and they both might be the Clippers and (Los Angeles) Lakers."

Dickerson also dismissed any reports that head coach Doc Rivers could leave Boston for another team. As he does annually, Rivers – who has three years left on his contract – said he needed time to clear his head before deciding whether to return next season. In the meantime, his name has been associated with other openings.