It may be hard to believe that the NBA All-Star Game has already come and gone, but it has, and that can only mean one thing: the trade deadline is upon us.

The Boston Celtics are a team that has been mentioned in quite a few crazy trade rumors, including having talks with the Los Angeles Clippers about Kevin Garnett, trying to pry Josh Smith away from the Atlanta Hawks and the absolutely crazy discussion with the Los Angeles Lakers about a Rajon Rondo for Dwight Howard swap that was denied by Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak.

Of course, rumors always abound this time of year, and in reality, most of those rumors never end up coming to fruition.

That being said, GM Danny Ainge is surely working the phones trying to find deals that he thinks are best for his Celtics team.

So, which Boston players are most likely to be on the move? Let's take a look.

Brandon Bass

Brandon Bass has been the C's' whipping boy this season, taking a ton of flak from fans due to his unsatisfactory performance after inking that four-year deal back with the Celtics over the summer.

Because of the fact that Bass now has a rather poor contract given his level of play throughout the first several months of the 2012-13 campaign, it may be difficult for Boston to actually send him off. However, under the right circumstances, it could be possible that the C's could unload him.

For example, you would have to think that Bass is one of the players Ainge discussed with the Hawks in a potential deal for Smith. Of course, Bass would not be the only player going Atlanta's way in any deal for J-Smoove, as that would be highway robbery. If the Celtics throw in some draft picks and another player (Jeff Green's name has been mentioned), then you may have something.

The problem is that with Jared Sullinger now out for the remainder of the year, Boston has to be prudent in moving Bass.