While lying in bed Saturday morning, I put my new personal assistant to work.

She goes by Siri, although she's really just a female voice on my new iPhone 4S that does whatever you ask when holding down the Home button.

This feature sure looks way cool on that Apple commercial that seems to come on my TV every 10 minutes, the one in which a teen gets help buying a guitar, learning how to play it and then has his phone refer to him as "Rock God."

My question to Siri was a doozie:

"Has Ilya Bryzgalov found the peace in his soul to play in Philly?"

Siri's initial response was, "Let me check that for you" and then, "How about a Web search?"

I waited, waited and waited ... and got nothing. Maybe Siri got lost in the woods. So I guess it's up to us to figure out what in the name of Bernie Parent reincarnation is going on with Bryz.

This is not when I chime in and say "told you so."