The Finals have yet to begin, and Matt Bonner is already down on himself.

Known as much for his dry wit as his red hair and 3-point touch, Bonner lamented what he deemed to be a subpar performance at media day for Guillermo, the popular sidekick of late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

A friend, Sports Illustrated writer Ian Thomsen, tried to console Bonner, but the Red Mamba would have none of it.

“I’m terrible at off-the-cuff, witty responses,” Bonner said. “Like, terrible. He asked me all these questions I could have been really funny, but I wasn’t because I’m terrible at it.”

“For example, he asked me when was the last time I made out. And I immediately turned beet red and said, that’s a personal question. And then I was like, all right, I’ll try to be funny so I was like, seventh grade.

“But that’s weird. I’m 33.”