With the trade deadline coming up Wednesday it's worth noting the Dodgers of today are dramatically different than the team that approached last year's deadline.

Last July the Dodgers took home run hacks while trading for Hanley Ramirez Shane Victorino Adrian Gonzalez Carl Crawford Josh Beckett and Brandon League.

Each acquisition was designed to move the Dodgers closer to playoff contention -- an objective they ultimately fell short of -- all but the Victorino move was with an eye on the future.

Gonzalez Ramirez and Crawford have been vital components to the Dodgers' push this season each solidifying positions that were glaring holes at this time a year ago.

In retrospect those moves were about tomorrow even more than they were about today.

"You want to get better that's the thing" Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said. "And sometimes you take a shot at getting better for the short term. Last year with Hanley and those guys we got better in the long term. So you can make moves now for next year."

This year the Dodgers focus likely will be on the immediate future more than the long-range.

That's something worth remembering especially if you are expecting a big move over the next three days.