When he’s on the ice Ryan Malone’s presence is felt.

The 6-foot-4 220-pound winger uses his size to win battles in the corners and provides a true power forward presence. Opponents have a difficult time moving him from the front of the net especially on the power play.

His problem is staying on the ice long enough for the Lightning to benefit from what he can do.

Injury plagued since arriving from Pittsburgh in a trade prior to the 2008-09 season Malone is yet to appear in more than 85 percent of the team’s games. Malone appeared in 70 69 54 and 68 games in each of four full seasons with Tampa Bay plus 24 of 48 games last season.

“It’s been very frustrating; you want to be out there helping and any time you are not it’s very frustrating’’ Malone said. “So this summer it was important for me to stay focused with my training to be able to last a full season. That would be nice.’’

Some of that training goes beyond the normal routine for Malone who now incorporates yoga into his workouts. He has also begun to utilize Functional Movement Screening which essentially studies athletes and grades their movement patterns to identify functional limitations and asymmetries.

The yoga has helped Malone with his flexibility while the FMS allows a more detailed workout routine to keep everything in line.

“It helps balance the body out and with the injuries I’ve had the body always compensates and gets things out of whack” Malone said. “So it was just preparing me for 82 games. It’s a lot about injury prevention and that helped a lot. It’s different training than I’m used to but I definitely see better results than I have in previous summers.’’

Despite missing 25 percent of the games in the past five years Malone has been able to produce reaching the 20-goal mark three times.

“To watch him play down low he’s one of those rare guys who is big strong and powerful and has really good hands” Lightning coach Jon Cooper said. “He’s got a knack around the net and it will be our job to make sure the blue paint is his home.

“If he does that he can have a successful season.’’

Beyond Malone the Lightning don’t have much size among their forwards. When he’s not in the lineup it affects the team.