Anquan Boldin's consistency has been amazing throughout the post-season. He kept making big plays throughout, and did it again Sunday as the Ravens hung on for a 34-31 victory over the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

Boldin finished with six catches for 104 yards and one touchdown in this game. His 13-yard touchdown catch in the first quarter from Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco gave the Ravens a 7-0 lead, and Baltimore never lost it.

But that wasn't Boldin's only big play. He kept making catches that lifted the Ravens and had done so throughout the post-season. He finished with an NFL-high 22 catches for 380 yards (also best in the NFL) in the post-season and just kept coming through.

He came up big throughout the game. Boldin made the 13-yard TD catch plus a 30-yard reception in the first quarter, but the Ravens really needed his help in the second half, and the veteran wide receiver delivered time and again.

Boldin caught a 30-yard pass late in the third quarter that helped a drive to keep going to early in the fourth period. Later in the same drive, Boldin took a nice five-yard pass from Flacco that helped set up a crucial field goal as San Francisco kept rallying from a 28-6 deficit early in the third period.

Then, there were two key plays on the next drive – on back-to-back plays. He made an eight-yard catch that gave the Ravens third-and-inches and then outfought a 49ers defender for 15 yards on a gamble on the ensuing play that gave Baltimore a first down.