Andrew Bogut finally deemed himself 100 percent healthy last week and general manager Bob Myers and head coach Mark Jackson were on the verge of declaring the Warriors' center ready for a return to stardom this week.

"He looks good. I mean this is the player we envisioned when we traded for him" Myers said Wednesday. "This is the player you saw three or four years ago."

With no limitations on his training playing time or even back-to-back games Bogut has been the highlight of the voluntary workouts that have been taking place at the downtown Oakland practice facility since just after Labor Day.

After missing 44 regular-season games because of his surgically repaired left ankle and another six games due to back spasms last season Bogut has been moving without a hitch. He looks more and more like the player who averaged a double-double for three straight seasons 2008-11 and was an All-NBA selection in 2010.

"He's looking very good and you can tell by the smile on my face" Jackson said. "He's healthy. ... I'm just happy that for the first time in a long time that there aren't any restrictions on him. I know how passionate he is and how committed he is and he deserves to be on the floor with no physical concerns."

Tilting at windmills: By now most Warriors fans have seen the video of Stephen Curry completing a windmill dunk during voluntary workouts. It was quite an accomplishment for a guy who has dunked just a handful of times in an NBA game - and made some of those flushes look like layups with barely a touch of the rim.

But with an offseason filled with healthy ankles Curry apparently has a newfound dynamic athleticism that reaches beyond dunking.

"He's making moves and making plays where I just want to pull Kent Bazemore aside and just have prayer with him for a minute" Jackson said. "Kent's mind-set is 'Hey Coach if I can just be in the vicinity of this guy imagine how good a defender I'll be against anyone else in the league.' Steph is that good right now."