Giants manager Bruce Bochy said he hasn’t given up on trying to change a rule that would seek to protect catchers from getting targeted by baserunners in plays at the plate.

Bochy continues to caucus with other managers, and said MLB vice president of on-field operations, Joe Torre, “is getting a little more open minded.”

In arguing for a change, Bochy made reference to recent rules added in football to penalize helmet-to-helmet collisions or to protect defenseless punt returners.

“I just really believe we’ll carry off a catcher paralyzed if nothing is done," said Bochy, who was in favor of amending the rules even before Buster Posey sustained his season-ending left leg injury in 2011.

The manager shared those views as part of an otherwise laugh-tracked Q&A session with left-hander Madison Bumgarner and first baseman Brandon Belt at the team’s annual FanFest on Saturday.