Indiana, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Miami twice …

Sooner or later the Charlotte Bobcats had to figure out how to close the deal against a really good team. Sooner became Wednesday night when the Bobcats held off the Los Angeles Clippers 95-91.

The 29-15 Clippers beat the Bobcats 112-85 in Los Angeles, humiliating them in the midst of five-game road trip. The idea they’d reverse that result, particularly considering the way Clippers forward Blake Griffin played through three quarters Wednesday, seemed a reach.

Then Griffin, who scored 26 points in the first three quarters, went invisible. His fourth-quarter stats: 0-of-4 from the field, one point, two rebounds and two assists.

Griffin should have been charged with a turnover when Bobcats point guard Ramon Sessions stripped him of the ball with just over a minute left, but because Griffin was raising the ball at the time, Sessions was instead credited with a block.

Regardless of the nomenclature, this was clear: The 19-25 Bobcats snuffed out a superstar when it mattered most. Power forward Josh McRoberts accomplished that with help from various perimeter players.

“We figured it out a little bit,” said McRoberts, who hit two key free throws with 13 seconds left to close this one out. “I think we were a little confused about what to do with him in the first half. And to be honest, they went to him less in the fourth quarter.”

This felt like the biggest win of the season. The only one that could compare was the early victory against Golden State, and the Warriors weren’t playing as well then as they are now.

The Bobcats are 2-0 since losing point guard Kemba Walker for about two weeks with an ankle sprain. Turns out the sky wasn’t falling after all.