If someone was to tell you Josh McRoberts was going to be one of the top players for the Charlotte Bobcats this season on opening night, would you have believed them? That assessment is slowly becoming a reality as the often overlooked McRoberts has become one of the most productive guys in the Cats’ lineup.

It’s not just the stats that have impressed and surprised the Bobcats fan base; it’s also the great consistency and underrated nature that make the 2007 second round draft pick such an enjoyable player to watch. If points aren’t coming easy from him one night, rebounds are. If rebounds aren’t coming easy for him one night, assists are. What does that have to do with anything regarding his relevancy this season? Everything.

His constant balanced stat lines and game to game success are proving to NBA fans that the often seldom talked about McRoberts is still an impact player. What does a stat line really prove? Now just listing stats is something anyone can do, but dissecting each and every statistic can get the point across. That is exactly what I am going to do right here.

8.3 points a game (7th on team), 5.3 rebounds (4th on team), and 4.3 assists (team leader) are the stats we have seen from the 6-foot-10 power forward so far into the season. What can that prove to you? Balance. Wait, have I brought that up already? Yes, yes I have. I’m going to emphasize it again just so it can get through your head. Balance in stats and contributions to the team are the key reasons why McRoberts (an often non-discussed player) is proving he is relevant in the world of NBA basketball.