Grow up, Stephen Jackson.

The world is not out to get you. And NBA officials don't make up their mind before each game to mess with you.

You've gotten three technicals in the past two games, including two against the Boston Celtics on Monday night that got you thrown out in the second quarter and caused you to miss one of the best wins in Charlotte Bobcats franchise history.

You're up to 13 technicals now for the season and about $180,000 lost in salary and fines because of your consistent referee abuse. If you get to 16 technical fouls, you will be automatically suspended for one game by the NBA (which will cost you another $102,000).

"He has to change," your coach, Paul Silas, said about you Tuesday. "He just can't go after those guys (referees)."

You're the best pure scorer the Bobcats have. You're also the closest thing the Bobcats have ever had to Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith - an exasperating, complicated, fantastic talent who struggles with anger issues but plays every game like his life depended on it.

You wrote an open letter to Bobcats fans two months ago. You sounded contrite. You promised better behavior.

It worked - for about a month. Now the bad behavior is back.

I asked you Tuesday: Is it time for another open letter?

"I think you're being sarcastic," you said.

I wasn't. I'm serious. You need to do something besides not talk about your behavior, which is what you did Tuesday. When I asked you for your explanation of your back-to-back technicals Monday night for complaining about another call, you said: "I don't have one. It happened. I ain't got nothing to say about it."

Funny thing? You're a good soul. I enjoy you immensely off the court, and I'm one of thousands who do.