The Bobcats moved to 3-3 in preseason ball after dropping a game to the Dallas Mavericks by six points.

To be brief here are some highlights (and lowlights I suppose):

Bismack Biyombo had another strong rebounding game. Be aware this is a small sample size and crummy sample at that but in the past four games Biyombo has averaged 13 rebounds. Further this might have been his most efficient scoring game ever. It doesn't count for anything other than a pat on the back of course but six points on two FGA! Anyone have the number to ESPN to call them and let them know their rankings are wrong?!?

The Mavericks only got to the free-throw line for 13 attempts. The Bobcats had 33. The 'Cats' previous game had FTA differential heavily in favor of the Bobcats against the 76ers too with 18 attempts separating the two teams.