It was another rough day for the University of Tennessee today with two more plaintiffs joining the federal lawsuit against the university and head football coach Butch Jones being accused of calling a former player who assisted an alleged victim of sexual assault a traitor. This evening, the university issued a fresh statement to address some of the more recent concerns unraveling today, a day after the school’s head coaches from the athletics department held a joint press conference to defend the university’s reputation.

“The University has reviewed the amended complaint filed today by the plaintiffs and we continue to stand by our actions. The facts, as opposed to allegations in a complaint, will demonstrate that the university acted properly in the matters at issue. We have continuously worked hard to improve our processes and procedures to ensure that we are doing all that we can to prevent incidents of assault, to support victims of assault, and to pursue justice while enforcing due process for those accused. We will vigorously defend all claims in the amended complaint. The University is issuing this statement to lessen the potential harmful effects narrative the amended complaint has on the university’s continuing efforts to encourage survivors to come forward and report sexual assaults and its efforts to educate students about the issue of sexual assault. The University will not allow this lawsuit to detract from those efforts.”