The Stanley Cup logo was painted near both blue lines. A live Lauren Hart and a video of Kate Smith on the giant board above center ice at the Wells Fargo Center shared singing a stirring God Bless America.

The soldout crowd wore their orange shirts and the "Lets Go Flyers" chant echoed from both ends of the arena.

Playoff hockey returned to Philadelphia Thursday night.

Beyond the electric atmosphere off the ice, a scrum in front of each net in the first four minutes of the game was a reminder this was now for real.

Really, all the nostalgic theater missing from the Stanley Cup glory days of three and a half decades ago was Sign Man flashing the legendary white poster board with black letters "Only the Lord Saves more than Bernie" behind one of the nets at the Spectrum.

The Spectrum is now rubble. Those who remember Bernie Parent stoning the Sabres in 1975 for the second straight Stanley Cup are now 45 years old or better.

Well, Flyers rookie Sergei Bobrovsky didn't allow a goal until the 45th minute in the opening game of this first-round series against the Sabres and although no one will confuse the 22-year-old Russian with the incomparable Parent, he wasn't the problem in the 1-0 loss.

The Flyers didn't post a shutout during the regular season, so there was more reason to believe the Spectrum would rebuild itself overnight than for Bob to blank Buffalo.

Going into the series, a legitimate concern of the Orange and Black faithful was Bobrovsky.

He was not only playing in his first NHL playoff game, but was coming of a season where he played in the most games of his young professional life.

Could he handle the pressure?

Would he be fresh?

Well, Bob did and he was. He didn't flop from nerves or fatigue.

Now, there is still time for both to happen. But, it didn't happen in Game 1.

If the Flyers can feel good about anything after giving away a season-worth of work for home ice, they can look to their own net.

There is much less concern behind the Flyers bench and high above the ice in the executive box going into Game 2 Saturday than there was before Game 1.