He has never, ever watched the game and yet he cannot get it out of his mind. The Giants took something from him that night five years ago, and Randy Moss spoke yesterday as if it remains a fresh wound.

"I still think about it,'' Moss said of the heavily-favored Patriots getting beat 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII. "I think about the loss in '07. It's just something about '07, being undefeated, going to a Super Bowl and losing it like that, it was something I'll never forget that moment. It's not fun when you're sweating and you have confetti dropping down and sticking to your face knowing you're not on the winning side of that confetti.''

It has been quite a journey for Moss, who looks every bit the 35 years he's lived and was thought to have left the NFL in his rearview mirror. His brilliant, controversial, prolific and often tumultuous career was finished in 2010 after he had worn out his welcome with three teams in one season, setting a new standard for boorishness by berating a caterer at the Vikings headquarters. With no fanfare, Moss announced he had retired and didn't play at all in 2011.

One year out of the game convinced Moss he never should have left. He didn't do much of anything special this season with the 49ers, but he's on the precipice of achieving the one goal that has eluded him.