Vladimir Tarasenko is the rage these days. Every town the Blues visit, the rookie is the topic of choice. Every visiting reporter that comes to St. Louis is on a mission to portray Tarasenko.

With five goals and 10 points in eight games, Tarasenko needs a statistician as well as an interpreter.

All the hoopla has pushed another highly-regarded rookie, Jaden Schwartz, into the shadows. In case you forgot, the Blues still have Schwartz on their 23-man roster. Seriously, they do.

"It's fine," Schwartz said of the oversight. "I'm happy for (Tarasenko). He's a good kid and he's a big part of our team, so it's good to see. There's quite a bit of hype and pressure on coming over (from Russia) anyhow, and he's handling it and playing really well. The (lack of attention) doesn't bother me a bit."

The background seems to rather suit Schwartz. It might suit him too much. Schwartz scored goals in his first two games with the Blues last season after departing Colorado College to begin his pro carer.