Patrick Kane’s play dazzles a lot of people. Include coaches in there too.

Blues coach Ken Hitchcock still marvels at the game the Chicago Blackhawks right wing possesses how he’s gotten better every season and how he seems to elude contact.

“I don’t get how he plays how you go around the ice for 60 minutes and no one touches you but he does it” said Hitchcock who has noticed the difference between Kane now and Kane of a few years ago when Hitchcock coached against him in the World Championships. “To see where he’s at now as a player from there is incredible. He’s a hell of a player and a hell of a competitor.”

Kane will likely have trouble eluding the Blues however. St. Louis will bring the physical presence it usually does and will do whatever it takes to slow Kane down. He’s expecting it.

“I don’t expect to go 60 minutes and not get hit tonight” he said. “It’s about trying to get to the net find dirty ways to get chances on net or score goals against these guys. I’ll expect that expect them to be physical on me. I just have to be ready for it.”