Ricky Romero may be the only Blue Jays' starting pitcher left standing at the end of this train-wreck of a month for the team's rotation, but he's not going to put up with jokes about the freaky run of bad luck that seems to have fallen upon his fellow hurlers.

"Criticize my game, criticize my performance & criticize me as a person all u want," Romero wrote early Tuesday morning on his official Twitter page after the Jays' rain-delayed 9-6 victory in Boston over the Red Sox. "But making jokes about injuries is not funny to me or my teammates. It sucks what has happen to us a team. But were [sic] gonna keep grinding for u The Fans and the city of Toronto. And no I don't fear going out there and pitching. Whatever happens I leave it in Gods [sic] hands. I can only control what I can control. Peace Out."