Scott Ferguson, over at has some questions that the Blue Jays have to answer this spring. They are likely as good as any set of questions about the Jays, though I'm sure we could come up with a dozen different questions about the Jays that are just as good.

I thought we'd take a run at the answers.

1. How will John Gibbons fit in during his second time around as manager?

Fine. Next question.

No, honest, Gibbons, It's not his first rodeo, he knows how to manage. We might disagree with some things he does but at least he won't be pining for job with another team.

2. Who will win the second base job -- Maicer Izturis or Emilio Bonafacio?

Yeah it is a question, but either one will do a better job than Kelly Johnson did last year. I'd imagine both of them will get some playing time. I kind of thing there is more offensive potential in Bonafacio, but Izturis would be better defensively.