John Gibbons says he doesn’t read the papers or listen much to sports talk radio but he’s aware of the growing calls for his head reignited this week after a disastrous 2-8 road trip.
If the pressure is getting to the laid-back Blue Jays manager he’s hiding it well.
“It’s a tough business” he says shrugging. But he adds the criticism comes with the territory and he can take it.
Seasons like this need a scapegoat and the manager is often the easiest target whether or not it’s fair or rational to blame Gibbons for the massive underachievement of his players.

“I don’t get into what’s fair and what’s unfair” he said before Monday’s game brushing off another question about the heat he’s taking. “It’s a tough business and you’re in there to win so it’s open season. Have at it I guess you could say.”

So have at it if you wish. Blame Gibbons for this disastrous season if it helps you come to grips. The reality is there’s nothing he could have said or done to save the Jays from themselves this year. Their starting pitchers own the second-worst ERA in the majors. That’s why they are where they are right now. If there existed the possibility of overcoming such a deficit injuries to several key position players certainly nixed it.