His white game jersey was still hanging from his otherwise emptied-out locker, a stark reminder to the other players in the Toronto Blue Jays clubhouse on Tuesday to just how fickle life in the Major Leagues can be.

On Sunday, John Farrell bristled when it was suggested to the Toronto manager that a stint in Triple A may just be the tonic to help cure whatever is ailing struggling rookie pitcher Kyle Drabek.

"That needs to be squelched right now," Farrell snapped, obviously brushing off the remark as intemperate.

That was before the 23-year-old went out and got shelled for eight runs over four innings in a bad loss to the Boston Red Sox and afterwards clearly demonstrated through his comments to the media that his confidence was waning.

And on Tuesday, before Toronto took the field against the Baltimore Orioles, Farrell had reversed his field, confirming that the Blue Jays were indeed sending their prized pitching prospect to Triple-A Las Vegas to try to get his game, not to mention his head, in order.

Zach Stewart has had his contract purchased from Double-A New Hampshire and the right-hander will make his Major League debut for Toronto on Thursday in the final game of the three-game set against the Orioles.