In his first full season in the major leagues, Brett Lawrie has not always been a player in control of his own situation.

He tried to steal home with two strikes on the Jays' top hitter. He tried to steal third with two out in the eighth inning, representing the tying run. He has had two infamous run-ins with umpires and one four-game suspension. So, on Tuesday vs. the White Sox, the Langley, B.C. native was rewarded with an unexpected move to the leadoff spot in the batting order.

Perhaps it's easier to control him when you know he's supposed to run.

"I think we've seen Brett's eager to steal bases," Jays manager John Farrell said with a wry grin. "I don't think he's going to become faster just by hitting in the leadoff spot, but at the same time it's an aggressiveness, it's an energy that has a chance to change the personality of this team . . . That's not to be critical or take away from the abilities of others. If we've got an opportunity to take advantage of his energy, this will showcase that a little bit more."