John Gibbons has already noted that, on occasion, Jose Bautista can be a bit too demonstrative with umpires when a call doesn’t go his way. The manager, while seeking to minimize the problem, clearly doesn’t want his team labelled as a team of whiners.

“It’s not like it’s a pressing issue but we’ll talk about those things,” Gibbons said Saturday. “It’s a competitive business and (Bautista) is a passionate guy. What can happen if you do it too much, they can stick it to you. We don’t want that. And I don’t blame (the umps). He’s intense. That’s what makes him good. But you don’t want to do that all the time.

“Teams get reputations for different things and it’s tough to be fighting the umpires all the time because they control the game.”

Gibbons knows he walks a fine line when dealing with this kind of an issue. He certainly doesn’t want to do anything that would diminish Bautista’s intensity at the plate.

“I don’t think it will be a problem,” he said. “(Bautista) has that edge when he’s at the plate. More guys could probably use that. But it will help him and help us if it doesn’t happen all the time.”