The Blue Jays usually benefit from Brett Lawrie's fiery play.

But as the 22-year-old third baseman continues to learn to harness his unbridled enthusiasm, his team will have to live with getting burned every now and then.

On Saturday against the Red Sox, with two out in the eighth inning and David Cooper representing the tying run at the plate, Lawrie tried to steal third on Red Sox reliever Vicente Padilla, but was thrown out by catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

It was a risky play that went the wrong way and abruptly ended the Jays' brief comeback threat.

"He's got the green light, but at the same time in some situations we've got to shut him down and that's on me," said Jays manager John Farrell, who took responsibility for not restraining his player. "That's on no one else."