J.P. Arencibia admits this is the worst season of his career. Of that there’s no doubt.

By every measure besides home runs the struggling Blue Jay is the worst starting catcher in the majors both offensively and defensively.

But he says his struggles don’t suggest a career regression; he’s learned from them and is confident he will bounce back.

“Every great player every great person gets punched in the face and it’s about how many times they get up” he said. “You’re going to get knocked down in life in sports in whatever you do you’re going to get knocked down. The greater ones are the ones that get back up and keep fighting. Take every low time as a set-up for a great time. That’s kind of the way I’ve looked at it.”

What GM Alex Anthopoulos and the Jays have to decide is whether to give him a chance.

Anthopoulos said Wednesday the club needs to “upgrade the production” from the catching position but he also said he would be happy with the numbers Arencibia put up in 2011 and 2012 when he hit for power but a low average and managed to post an OPS over .700.

Heading into Thursday’s game Arencibia was hitting a league-worst .194 with a .594 OPS worst among catchers and fourth-worst in the majors.

But it wouldn’t be unreasonable for Anthopoulos to think Arencibia can return at least to the player he was in his previous big-league seasons. He need only look at his own roster’s recent past.