The Toronto Blue Jays have built a creative rolling option into the contract of John Gibbons that will prevent him from ever facing a lame-duck year as manager.

Back when he was hired in November, Gibbons revealed that he was given a two-year deal plus an option, but he didn't explain how the option functions.

The way it works is that as long as the Blue Jays don't fire him prior to the following Jan. 1, the option becomes guaranteed with another option added to the back end. For example, if Gibbons makes it to 2014, his 2015 option vests with another option added for 2016.

Believed to be the first of its kind in the big-leagues, although that's unconfirmed, the structure essentially means Gibbons will be operating on a perpetual two-year contract, eliminating any in-season intrigue on how his contractual status affects his standing.

The security for Gibbons comes after former manager John Farrell's contractual status became an issue late last season, when he revealed he had only one year left on his deal as the club stumbled to a 73-89 finish and the Boston Red Sox made clandestine overtures toward him.