The ninth-inning moment in Sunday’s dramatic 6-5 win over the Orioles became a stunning embarrassment for Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie.
In fact it will be a long time before Jays’ young star will ever convince anyone about his desire to contribute on the field “for the team” — and have people believe him. It may be the most disgraceful exhibition of me-first mentality I can recall in 40 years around the major-league game. Hopefully Lawrie has apologized to his club and in particular the teammates he targeted via his petulant display of ignorance regarding what team sport is about.
On Sunday, trailing by two runs in the ninth, with runners on first and third and nobody out facing the O’s struggling closer Jim Johnson, Lawrie lofted a fly ball to medium right field on which Nick Markakis may have had to retreat a step or two. Jays coach Luis Rivera rightly held the runner at third.
The fly ball was likely deep enough to score Lind in another situation, but the run on third was not the important one. The tally would have left the Jays still trailing 5-4. The tying run stood on first base. Markakis has a strong, accurate arm and Lind is slow. It was definitely the right move by Rivera.
Lawrie watched the catch by Markakis in front of him as he arrived at first base. He turned, fully expecting to see Lind crossing the plate. When he saw Lind still on third, he seemed shocked.