First and foremost no fan of the Toronto Blue Jays has the right to laugh at any other team in the AL East. It's exciting to hear some people say the Jays are the favorites to win the division in 2013. The truth is at this very moment all the Blue Jays are is offseason champions.

Are they good team? They'll get to show us. Until then don't ever forget that the Blue Jays are still the joke of the division. Every other team in the AL East has made the playoffs at least 3 times since the Blue Jays last made the playoffs.

Now that we got that out of the way I'm willing to bet on the Blue Jays being a great team for the next few years. So I'm actually going to have the nerve to laugh at the other teams in the AL East before Jays fans actually deserve the right to.

Baseball 101: Don't count out the New York Yankees EVER. They make the playoffs every year. Regular season is like Spring Training to them. Their season doesn't even start until October. Every year people use the tired excuse that they're getting old. Guess what? The Blue Jays best players are older. R.A. Dickey, Jose Bautista to name a few. It's not about age it's about talent and the Yankees always have plenty of it.