Vinny Del Negro sat at his desk in his office late Thursday, long after most of his players had left a mostly quiet locker room. A few feet away, many of the Clippers' assistant coaches were still huddled in their office, their conversations quiet but succinct.

Del Negro and his staff had just witnessed the team's worst loss of the season, a 116-90 thrashing by the San Antonio Spurs that left the coaches disappointed.

"I didn't see the fight," Del Negro said. "I didn't see the passion. I saw a lot of guys unsure. I saw a lot of heads down. I saw frustration come in when we started getting a bunch of technicals.

"I was thinking, 'How can I individually and how can my staff do better?' You want to put your players in an area of strength. I just felt like we all could have done a better job."

When Del Negro and his staff gathered for Friday's practice in preparation for Saturday night's game against the Utah Jazz at Staples Center, their main focus was having the right approach.

The Clippers have 25 regular-season games left and Del Negro said the idea now was to have a "productive practice."