The release of Tim Tebow yesterday comes too late for Mike Tannenbaum, too late for Rex Ryan, too late for Mark Sanchez, and too late for Tebow.

The Yankees had their Core Four.

The Jets have their Poor Four.

The ill-fated decision to trade for Tebow 13 months ago set off a chain of circus events that helped cost Tannenbaum the Jets GM job, wrecked Ryan and ruined Sanchez and Tebow both.

The egregious mishandling of Tebow also resulted in the dismissals of offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, now Raiders offensive line coach, and quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh, now Bears quarterbacks coach.

The worst thing the Jets could have done to Sanchez at a time when he was already reeling was foist the most popular backup quarterback in NFL history on him, especially here.

In the interests of providing Geno Smith an antiseptic environment where he has at least a chance to function, the Jets should allow Sanchez to follow Tebow out the door, via trade if at all possible, but at any and all cost, and let David Garrard serve as mentor, start the season, and when Smith is deemed ready by new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, let him play so you can find out whether he has a chance to be your franchise quarterback, or whether you need to draft one next year.

Sanchez is an $8.25 million guaranteed albatross, a haunting link to a buttfumbled recent past, a $17.2 million salary cap memory if the Jets designate him a June 1 release.