What started as a modest well-appointed bandwagon now seems like a fully tricked-out limo that spans the length of an NBA 3-pointer and has a seat reserved for LeBron James.

Thanks Eric Bledsoe for bringing expectation back to the Phoenix Suns.

Please understand that we’re linking Bledsoe to positive expectation even though based on win-loss projection for the coming season the Suns -- despite a make-the-town-giddy infusion of young talent -- have inspired one major sports-media outlet to already predict another last-place finish in the Western Conference.

“I just use that as motivation” said Bledsoe answering questions while quadruple-teamed behind a stage at Scottsdale Fashion Plaza as the Suns unveiled their new uniforms last week.

OK so Bledsoe -- acquired from the Los Angeles Clippers in a deal that demonstrated how committed Suns general manager Ryan McDonough is to roster renovation -- has some media-generated provocation to fuel his workouts.

“I’m just trying to get better than I did last year” he said. “Increase that by 10 times more and just have a big impact on the game.”

But what about the post-trade testimonials that suggest he may be even better than we’re expecting? That bandwagon is rollin’ through all the stop lights. The latest passenger was none other than LeBron; more on him in a bit.

Anyway it began during the welcome-to-town press conference when Caron Butler -- also acquired from the Clippers in a three-team trade that delivered Bledsoe and sent Jared Dudley to Tinseltown -- said the 23-year-old guard had “superstar written all over him." Butler is a veteran who’s played at a pretty high level for a while has earned an impressive level of respect and is not prone to fits of hyperbole.