Blake Griffin has never wanted for the opinions of outsiders.

Folks have been offering not-so-flattering assessments of him and his basketball skills as far back as his high school days at Oklahoma Christian School. He remembers playing in some small towns around the state and hearing lots of talk.

"Aw, he's never going to make it in the Big 12," people would say. "He's just a big body."

The talk continued at Oklahoma.

"He isn't a basketball player," people would argue. "He just tries to bully people."

Now, after a rookie season filled with highlights and awards and a sophomore season in which Griffin not only made the All-Star Game but also will lead the Clippers to playoffs, you'd think all the detractors would have decided to give it a rest. Instead, there is a new opinion of Griffin.

He's a villain.

Yep, the same guy who was the darling of the NBA last season is apparently becoming the league's new bad guy.