The impact Blake Griffin has had on the league has been well-documented. But his presence undoubtedly has had the biggest impact on the Clippers' fan base. A small buzz is now inside Staples Center during Clippers games. That didn't exist as recently as Nov. 3, when the Thunder last played here. It's all because of Blake.

Kevin Durant got off to another hot start, scoring 10 first-quarter points on 5-for-8 shooting. But when his first shot missed, he had a look like, "Here we go again."

Clipper Darrell is one of the league's best fans. He's the guy in the suit behind the goal closest to the Thunder's bench. He leads chants of "Let's go Clippers" inside the Staples Center and engages players in good-natured teasing. His line to Russell Westbrook: "Don't try to show out just because your mommy and daddy are in the building."