You can't blame Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, or his hand-picked brain trust, for all that has gone wrong with the feeble NFL franchise in recent years.

Khan didn't buy the team until late 2011.

But Khan, general manager David Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley are in charge now, seeking to restore the hope that tends to wane when a team has had five consecutive losing seasons. So the direction of the future is on their watch.

Bradley, the former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator, is the third coach in three seasons (four, if you count interim Mel Tucker). His predecessor, Mike Mularkey, got all of one 2-14 tryout in 2012 before Khan brought in his own choice.

It's not unusual for a new owner to install his own key people at the top. Khan plucked Caldwell from the Atlanta Falcons staff.

And the owner has raised the stakes with other initiatives, such as signing up for an annual game in London to drum up an international presence and spending $10 million on a makeover of the locker room and weight room.

But a key decision remains: Will the Jaguars pull the plug on Blaine Gabbert as the franchise quarterback?

Gabbert's had it rough in two seasons since being drafted 10th overall in 2011. He hasn't exactly had a solid supporting cast, nor has he demonstrated to be the type to make the cast around him better. So there's widespread blame.