There was no split-screen video review or reassessment of systems and line combinations. On the one day all weekend they hit the rink, the Blackhawks looked inward, not forward, not concerned that preparation for their next opponent likely would involve a very quick turnaround.

Familiarity, it seems, breeds content. The abbreviated regular-season schedule ensured that the Hawks saw every Western Conference team multiple times and spent not one minute skating against anyone from the East. So days off and casual viewing — and not intense advance scouting — was the best refresher course.

"I watch the games, just to see what they're doing," goaltender Corey Crawford said. "See how they're playing, some of the tendencies of their forwards or their (defensemen), or the plays they're making. Maybe something we haven't seen from them during the season. But other than that, we're just getting some rest."

A team that managed its well-being by managing to stay away from practice overload during the regular season likely was primed to absorb a scouting report and game plan on short notice anyway.

But seven combined games against the Red Wings and Sharks during the regular season, plus long histories with many of the key cogs on both sides, probably limited the questions anyway.