The Chicago Blackhawks have been billed as the better team in their first-round playoff series with the Detroit Red Wings.

The bigger team.

The most physical team.

Yet in Game 2, it was the Red Wings who beat the Blackhawks at their own game, winning 4-1 to even the series at one game apiece heading back to Detroit for Game 3 tonight at Joe Louis Arena.

The Red Wings did all the little things that lead to success in the playoffs, frustrating the Blackhawks to the point that captain Jonathan Toews was complaining about the officiating afterward.

Not exactly the type of reaction you expect from the Big Bad Blackhawks, eh?

Credit Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg with leading the way in getting under the skin of Toews and the Blackhawks.

"A series doesn't start until the road team wins a game, they always say," John Niyo writes in the Detroit News. "But in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the surest sign usually is one team complaining about the referees.

"Which is exactly what Toews — who's hardly the whining sort, by the way — was doing Saturday afternoon. Matched most of the game against Zetterberg's line — a last-change choice by Joel Quenneville that Babcock appeared to welcome — the Blackhawks' leader struggled to find open ice.