Until the point at which his nifty forehand-backhand move emerged from absolutely nowhere and saved Game 1 of their Western Conference quarterfinal series for the Blackhawks, Bryan Bickell's central contribution to the night was a seismic hit along the boards that rendered a Wild player about as close to a pile of goo as is possible.

That the burly winger also tallied the game-winner in the 2-1 overtime victory, and that it was just another gilded-but-unexpected postseason moment for him, is maybe less difficult to figure than one would think. A forward with a big frame and a big shot can make a big impact at this time of year.

"Hockey in the playoffs is kind of my style -- more grinding, more hitting, playing more defensively," Bickell said after the grinding triumph Tuesday, April 30. "We had a good feeling, me and (Viktor Stalberg) going into the third, we felt like it would be one of us to finish it. We were just lucky to get that."

Both wound up having hands in it, in fact. The speedy Stalberg chased down an over-the-top outlet pass from the defensive zone and then slammed on the brakes and expected that his linemate would find some space somewhere.

Sure enough, Bickell barreled down the ice, took the pass from Stalberg and conjured the move to beat Josh Harding for the winner.

"He made one of the nicer plays I've seen him make, probably," Stalberg said with a smile. "It's a poised finish by him. I don't know what to say. I didn't really
expect him to make that move. But it was a great finish."

Said Bickell: "I don't practice that one much. I knew the pass was coming across and the goalie was sliding. I see (Patrick Kane) doing it all the time. I don't know if it was flashbacks from different moves he makes. I know it went in, and I was happy."