Dan Hamhuis needed to play brilliantly the first few months of this season to have any chance at playing for Team Canada in Sochi.

The pressure is now off. He’s falling short.

So are the Canucks who followed a 4-1 whipping at the hands of the Sharks by fading on Hockey Night in Canada Saturday.

The Canucks may have driven play against the Montreal Canadiens and dominated puck possession for two periods but when it was over it was another 4-1 pasting for the visitors.

Blame Hamhuis?

He’s an easy scapegoat. He’s the obvious poster child for the Canucks underwhelming 3-3 start to the season.

But the Canucks don’t have a line that can score other than the top one. Roberto Luongo is struggling again in October. And the bottom six is a brush fire.

Hamhuis will get most of the attention though because he’s supposed to be the Canucks steadiest blueliner.

He’s had some bad luck sure. He’s had fewer minutes definitely. But he’s also had whatever happened on a second-period power-play Saturday which was a play you’d expect to see only if hockey was played in a dense fog.

Hamhuis combined with Jason Garrison and Roberto Luongo to produce one of the more fascinatingly ugly own goals in franchise history.

Tied at one in a great game with the Canadiens Luongo hesitated with a breakout behind the net.

As a Canadien whizzed toward him Luongo got the puck to Garrison in the corner who dished it into the Hamhuis fog. There the puck slipped off of Hamhuis’s stick and onto one of Luongo’s skates which passed it to the other before going in.

Hamhuis was unavailable immediately after the game to explain the mess because he was having treatment. Canucks fans are probably hoping it’s of the physical kind and not work needed in the mind room.

When he finally did show up he said it was disappointing.

Yeah no kidding.

Garrison was just about speechless after the game.

“Honestly I have no idea I have no idea” said Garrison when asked how the puck went in.

“I’m not sure at all I couldn’t tell you. I don’t think I hit him.