Am I the only one anxious to see how Billy Butler's power numbers hold up in 2013? I like to think some maturity and what seemed to be some extra effort in swinging for the fences will hold up moving forward, but I do think there is a minor cause for concern and a very real chance at regression in power for Billy this year.

I'm basing this on a track record of a fairly low ISO (isolated power) since coming into the league. His career number sits at .168, which, looking at all major league batters who qualify as first basemen (according to Fangraphs), ranks him 35 in ISO from 2007 (rookie year) through last season. Taking a quick peek at those who qualify as DH over that same stretch, Butler ranks 22 of 25.

That's not to take away from his value as a player. His career fWAR is a 9.9, which places him fourth among DH's, behind David Ortiz, Johnny Damon, and Jim Thome. To be fair, Damon mostly played outfield during those years, giving him a little more defensive value than the others.

Narrowing the timeframe a bit more (looking only at 2010-2012), and bringing the comparison more current, Butler (fWAR of 7.9) is 2 of 14 at DH, behind only Ortiz (9.7). However, looking at ISO for 2010-2012, he ranks 7 of 14, in the middle of the pack.