The Colorado Rockies will likely get Troy Tulowitzki back in the starting lineup withing the next couple of days. The All-Star shortstop is recovering from a calf bruise he sustained on Wednesday night when he was hit by a pitch.

According to, Tulowitzki took some batting practice on Saturday and came out no worse for the wear.

“It feels pretty good, just normal inflammation and bruises, so we’re trying to get that inflammation and fluid out of there,” said Tulowitzki, who did light running and fielding drills Friday. “Once that is done, I’ll be back on the field. If I had a timetable, I know I’m not in there today, possibly tomorrow. If not tomorrow, I know we have an off-day [Tuesday], so coming off that off-day would be the day. If I was ready, I’d be in there, but I’m not ready yet.”