After what I consider a very successful draft Doug Marrone and Nathaniel Hackett have some decisions to make. Every one is making Kevin Kolb’s freak knee injury out to be a major reason as to why this is now a very one-sided race for the starting quarterback position for the Bills but I disagree.

Doug Marrone made a very bold move to draft EJ Manuel in the first round when all other QBs were falling and he wasn’t even viewed as the top prospect. This is a move I am happy with. As a young head coach coming to a team who hasn’t had a shot-caller worth keeping since Jim Kelly something needed to be done at this position and it had to be done fast.

He met and did his research on all the top prospects at the position. After the draft he made it known that EJ was the man he wanted all along and he didn’t care it he “over-paid” for him. This makes me think that he knew what QB had the most talent and could fit with his offense right away.