LeBron James called the Golden State Warriors the "best" team in the NBA not once, but twice Friday night.

How's that for stoking the flames of what's supposed to be the league's best rivalry?

"We don't look at it as a rival," James said. "They're a great team. They've been the best team the last couple years, last three years."

James' words on the subject range somewhere from debatable to nonsensical.

The Cavs and Warriors are rivals. The splitting of the past two Finals. The smack talk. The finger pointing. The obsession that haunted the Cavs for much of last season, and the rage that drove them when they were down 3-1 and felt disrespected. The Halloween Party (much more on that in a minute).

And while it's true the Warriors own the NBA's best record over the past 21/2 seasons, it was the Cavs who beat them when it mattered most, in June. And of course Cleveland won again on Christmas, coming back from 14 points down to win 109-108 on Kyrie Irving's late jumper.