In an advanced age of football where countless studies and analytical data are at your fingertips sometimes head coaches in the NFL tend to rely on a perceived old and outdated logic in their decision making. When it comes to certain situations on the field Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone knows most of what's out there.

"A lot of the situations [are like] Texas Hold 'Em really and you're playing percentages on everything that you do" Marrone said referencing the version of poker that swept the nation a few years back.

Most of the negative reactions to the coach's decision making were linked to punting on a 4th-and-1 situation inside Patriots territory or even refusing to go for it on what some data will suggest is the smartest percentage play despite it may not being the normal accepted logic in NFL circles.

"The problem that happens -- a lot of the questions come like… it's 4th-and-1 plus-49 like in the last game. A lot of statistics and analysis out there of 35 to 40 4th and 4 or more the percentages are in your favor to go for it. If it's 4th-and-6 from the 6-yard line there has been articles and research done that you can go for it" Marrone started.

"That's just -- and I always try to explain this probably to my wife more than anybody because she reads it -- is that that's taking those situations based on down and distance. What that doesn't do is take into a situation of field position. These percentages and analytics for field position equal to points -- X-amount of yards and the start of field position equals the other team getting X-amount of points. It all really depends on what you believe from a philosophy standpoint and I think you have to look at all of them and weigh them in and how you play them."