The Buffalo Bills’ record in Stevie Johnson’s five-plus seasons with the team is 32-57.

You can understand, then, why Johnson has zero patience for any talk of “moral victories,” including after the latest loss Sunday to the Kansas City Chiefs.

“We felt like we had the game. We controlled the game, and we ended up coming out with another loss,” Johnson said Monday. “If you’re not frustrated about that, then you shouldn’t even be in this locker room right now. You should be filled up with fire, ready to go at it next Sunday, so that’s how I feel right now.

“No moral victory at all. At all. That’s all it is is a lost opportunity.”

Johnson had little interest in listening to any of the ready-made excuses the Bills could use for their 3-6 start, namely the multitude of injuries the team has suffered.

“Man, it’s the same old story. Injuries are injuries. Enough. Enough of that,” he said. “We’re out there suited up, so nobody should be talking about injuries. If you out there, you out there, man. Enough of that injury talk. I’m tired of that.

“We in the NFL, we’re professionals. We’re not high school football players. We’ve been through a lot, through college, through junior college, high school, all that stuff. ... Right now you play for the Buffalo Bills. It’s no excuse for games like that. We gotta take advantage of teams like that. I felt like we didn’t.”

Johnson was open on the play that has received the most attention from Sunday’s 23-13 loss – the interception thrown by rookie undrafted free agent Jeff Tuel that was returned 100 yards for a touchdown by Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith.

“I shook him, he almost fell. He basically fell into an interception, and that was it,” Johnson said.

“At the end of the day, you know, I’m just happy that me and my coach went over the film and we knew exactly what the look was going to be. That just gives me more confidence to watch more film with the coach, extra film, and go at it on Sunday against the Steelers.”

Johnson said there have been times this season when he’s looked at the number of close games that have gotten away from the team.