Tom Brady and the Patriots beat the Texans 34-16 on Saturday night to advance to their sixth straight AFC title game, but you wouldn’t know it by the why the quarterback was talking after the game.

“It was a lot of things I think between what they were doing and what we were doing that were causing us problems,” Brady said. “It was just very inconsistent for us all the way around. We just didn’t do enough in any area, but they’ve got a good defense. They’re ranked the first-ranked defense and I thought they did a good job. They had a good scheme and they were prepared. They played well.”

Brady finished the game 18-for-38 passing with 287 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. The two interceptions matched the same number he threw all season.

Also, his 47 percent completion percentage was the worst he’s ever had in the postseason.

“I think this team did a great job playing against us,” he said. “They had some good scheme stuff that worked. They have good rushers and they had some good guys in coverage, so they had a pretty good scheme. It was a lot of things, and then when you add our poor execution on top of that, then you add our turnovers on top of that, it doesn’t feel great because we worked pretty hard to play a lot better than we played.

“I give them a lot of credit, but we’re going to have to play better on offense. We expect to go out and have a good week and try to fix the things that we saw tonight, and then try to play better next weekend.”