LeBron James was already showered and half-dressed by the time the media entered the visiting locker room at Oracle Arena.

He was not wasting any time.

The do-rag came off, the sunglasses went on, and James stood and walked through a throng of media, on his way to the postgame interview room.

He got there so fast that he had to wait outside the closed door with Nike executive Ted Curvy while coach Tyronn Lue finished his session.

What a contrast from the last time James walked out of this building after Game 2 of the NBA Finals a year ago, having singlehandedly willed the Cavaliers to an overtime victory to even the series. With Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love both out with injuries, James had 39 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists in 50 minutes -- fifty! -- spiking the ball at the final horn and sending it hurtling toward the pinwheel ceiling.